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Blooms By Cecilia

Cosmic Candy

Cosmic Candy

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Cosmic Candy, showcasing a tranquil scene reminiscent of a dusky horizon, where whispers of light blue, blush pink, ivory, coral, and pale lavender gracefully converge. These exquisite floral wonders are lovingly encased in pristine white wrapping paper, or elegantly showcased within a timeless glass cylinder vase, or our premium vessel.
Note that designs priced above $300.00 are expertly styled in a vase to ensure maximum visual impact.
Order before 11AM, Mon-Sat for same-day delivery.
Pictured: $450.00 in a classic vase
Disclaimer: Given our reliance on Mother Nature for floral availability, it is possible that we may need to substitute certain flower varieties if they are unavailable. In such cases, we will rely on our professional expertise to identify suitable alternatives.

Care information

Flower care:
Trim the stems
As soon as you receive the flowers, trim a small portion of the stems at an angle. This helps the flowers absorb more water and nutrients.
Change the water frequently
Change the water in the vase every days or whenever it appears cloudy. Ensure the water is at room temperature.
Remove any leaves below the waterline
Remove any leaves that are submerged in the water as they can promote bacterial growth and shorten the life of the flowers.
Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and heat
Flowers should be kept in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight and heater. This will help prevent the flowers from wilting.
Mist the flowers
It is highly encouraged to mist the flowers with water using a spray bottle. This helps to keep the flowers hydrated and fresh.
By following the above flower care tips, you can get the most out of your beautiful flowers, and enjoy them for as long as possible.
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Customer Reviews

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Aadam Mott

They were beautiful.

beautiful arrangement

this is the best that Blooms By cecilia has created so far, im in awe!!!