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Blooms By Cecilia draws its inspiration from Jane's beloved mother, Cecilia.

Cecilia passed away in 2019 after valiantly battling an aggressive form of cancer. During the final months of her life, Cecilia was unable to pursue her conventional employment as her health rapidly deteriorated. Despite the difficulties she faced, she unwaveringly upheld her dedication as a single mother of two, determined to provide for her family. Fuelled by her lifelong admiration for flowers, she aspired to embark on a journey into the world of floral design. In spite of her aspirations, the relentless advance of her cancer proved insurmountable, leaving her dreams to showcase her artistic flair to the world unfulfilled.
Jane aspires to honour her mother's legacy by establishing Blooms By Cecilia, with the aim of emulating her mother's passion for crafting ethereal and otherworldly floral arrangements. Her aspiration is to imbue the venture with a personal touch, ensuring that the blooms created radiate the same artistic talent that her mother possessed. Jane endeavours to keep her mother's memory alive by perpetuating her creative legacy through the business.
Drawing from her extensive background in content creation and styling, Jane possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is easily transferable to the realm of floristry. Her discerning eye for style and colour is an invaluable asset that enables her to craft stunning floral arrangements that are both visually striking and aesthetically pleasing.
Jane's floral design aesthetic embodies an ethereal, contemporary, and otherworldly quality, seamlessly blending traditional and modern elements. Her intention is to transport her clients beyond this world with her artistry. When curating her floral arrangements, she derives inspiration from various artistic mediums, such as fashion, painting and architecture. Her extensive range of services includes bespoke arrangements for weddings, events, corporate functions, and large scale exhibitions. Additionally, she offers styling services to elevate the visual appeal of any space, creating a captivating ambiance that is sure to leave a lasting impression.
Jane's commitment to excellence is not only a testament to her own creative abilities but is also a tribute to her beloved mother, Cecilia. By meticulously attending to every client with care and precision, Jane aims to honour her mother's legacy and make her proud, as if Cecilia were the one personally tending to each arrangement.
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